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Since 1986 the House of Aloes (Pty) Ltd has ventured on a quest for wellness and beauty in the Aloe industry. The journey has taught them to value the extraordinary potency of plants such as the African Cape Aloe humans have relied on over the ages.

Aloe with its outstanding healing and rejuvenating characteristics is unique in the concentration of its active ingredients and the versatility of its application.

Respecting ancient harvesting traditions, the African Cape Aloe is harvested in the wild in an ecologically friendly manner. The raw materials are extracted in a patented production process and, combined with the finest quality ingredients, finds its way to our customers worldwide in a wide range of wellness and skincare products.

The House of Aloes was founded in Albertinia - in South Africa's Western Cape province - in 1986. Since then, we have manufactured the finest skincare and health & wellness products from the aloe leaf



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